Jimmy Carter’s grandson gives update on ailing former president and first lady

Former President Jimmy Carter, now 98 years old, is currently receiving hospice care at home, indicating his advanced age.

Hugo Wentzel, the grandson of Jimmy Carter, provided an update on the health of both his grandparents.

Carter, the 39th US President, decided to focus on spending time with family while receiving hospice care at home, as announced by the Carter Center.

Jason Carter, one of the former President’s 22 grandchildren, shared that his grandfather’s health is “as good as it can be.” The Carters’ deep faith grounds them during this period.

Jason also revealed that his grandfather enjoys peanut butter ice cream, reflecting his history of running a family peanut plantation.

In 1982, Jimmy Carter established the Carter Foundation, dedicated to human rights, conflict resolution, freedom, democracy, and health improvement.

Carter, who served one term as President, faced health challenges like cancer and falls, resulting in injuries.

As he approaches his 99th birthday on October 1, Jimmy Carter has surpassed the age of George H.W. Bush, who passed away at 94.