Jimmy Kimmel Makes Stunning Confession, May Be Quitting TV For Good

Ahead of his fourth Academy Awards hosting stint, Jimmy Kimmel hints at a possible departure from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times. At 56, Kimmel reflects on his career’s 21st anniversary and acknowledges that his current contract could be his last.

While he still has over two years left on his contract, Kimmel sees it as a fitting duration. Contemplating life after late-night television, he mentions interests like cooking, drawing, and sculpture, hinting at potential future endeavors.

Kimmel’s reflections on mortality, sparked by his grandfather’s unfulfilled aspirations, add depth to his decision-making process. As he prepares for the Oscars, the uncertainty surrounding his career’s future adds intrigue to his hosting role.

As viewers ponder Kimmel’s potential legacy, his candid revelations invite reflection on his impact in late-night TV. With the Oscars looming, Kimmel’s dual roles as host and possible career transition make for an intriguing narrative in his distinguished career.