Joke of The Day – At The Hotel With My Mistress

The narrator remembers traveling to a hotel with his mistress and being surprised to see his father-in-law’s automobile at the entrance. He was immediately challenged by this awkward and maybe dangerous scenario.

He canceled the meeting and told his friend it wasn’t a good day out of concern that his father-in-law would see him with his mistress. She left disappointed, and the narrator, frustrated, broke both mirrors on his father-in-law’s car before going home.

The next day, the narrator visited his father-in-law to brag about the missing automobile mirrors. He was surprised when his father-in-law got upset, and the narrator asked why.

His father-in-law exasperatedly explained his frustration. He lent his wife the car, which she returned without mirrors.

The irony makes the narrative funny. To escape an embarrassing situation, the narrator got into a new issue with his father-in-law, who didn’t know why the mirrors were missing.

This joke humorously addresses the consequences of hurried judgments and the amusing misconceptions that can occur in complex and unpleasant circumstances, making readers laugh.