Justin Bieber, 29, shares a tragic and courageous update on his battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome in a heart-wrenching Instagram video posted on March 15. Having unveiled the diagnosis in June 2022, Bieber exposes the emotional toll of the rare illness that left half of his face paralyzed.

The raw footage captures the singer’s struggle as he regains facial mobility, moving his eyebrows and finally managing a strained smile. The video portrays the silent agony of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which attacks facial nerves following a shingles outbreak near the ear.

Despite an attempt to resume his “Justice” tour, Bieber, drained and prioritizing his well-being, heartbreakingly cancels the remaining dates. His recent presence at the Vanity Fair Oscars party underscores a resilient facade concealing the personal battles waged beneath the public persona.