KATHY BATES: A Fighter and Warrior Against Cancer

In her recent interview with Dr. Phil, Academy Award winner Kathy Bates courageously opens up about her silent struggle with illness, facing the toughest role life bestowed upon her – that of a real-life fighter overcoming cancer for the second time.

In 2012, Kathy shared her triumph over ovarian cancer, stating, “It’s no secret that I am an ovarian cancer survivor, nine years and counting. But few know that several weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” Describing the harrowing experience of diagnosis, she adds, “You think American Horror Story is scary? You should’ve been in that room with me.”

Back in 2003, when diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Kathy underwent surgeries and chemotherapy, choosing to keep it private. Despite the ordeal, she continued working, not wanting to be the poster child for ovarian cancer. Her strength kept her cancer-free until she faced the devastating news of its return.

Upon learning about her breast cancer diagnosis, Kathy, aware of the familial history, opted for a double mastectomy to prevent its spread. Turning her tragedy into inspiration, she humorously remarked, “I don’t miss my breasts as much as I miss Harry’s Law,” thanking fans for their unwavering support.

Kathy, currently cancer-free, battles lymphedema, a post-cancer condition affecting 30% of survivors. Despite the discomfort, she openly shares her journey, aiming to inspire women to prioritize regular check-ups. Kathy serves as an ambassador for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), finding purpose in her hardships.

Watch the interview below to witness Kathy Bates’ candid and inspiring account of facing the battles life threw her way.