Kelly Clarkson’s Handsome Son Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance & Stole Attention Looking ‘So Much Like’ Mom

Kelly Clarkson made a memorable appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards, accompanied by her son, Remington Alexander. The rare red carpet outing of her son caught the attention of fans, who couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between mother and son. Social media was abuzz with comments celebrating their similarity, with many describing Remington as “handsome” and noting, “he looks so much like her.”

Behind this charming appearance, however, lies a story of resilience and progress. Clarkson has spoken about Remington’s early struggles with a speech impediment, which stemmed from an ear problem in infancy.

A wax buildup had impaired his hearing, making his speech seem as if “he spoke as if he was underwater.” This led to a delay in his speech development, and intensive speech therapy sessions, including via Zoom, became a routine part of their lives.

Clarkson, reflecting on her son’s journey, highlighted the significance of these developments: “The big milestone for us is Remy getting to really find out his personality and his identity.” Beyond speech therapy, Clarkson emphasizes the importance of emotional well-being for her children.