Kenny Rogers Was ‘Thrilled’ to Welcome Twins — ‘Handsome’ Boys, Now 19, Still Heed Late Dad’s Advice

Early Marriages and Adult Children Kenny Rogers, a music legend with multiple marriages, unexpectedly became a father again in his fifth marriage. His first union with Janice Gordon produced daughter Carole in 1958. After two more marriages, Rogers married Wanda Miller in 1997, marking one of his longest relationships.

Unexpected Twins and a Change of Heart Initially hesitant about having more children, Kenny and Wanda decided to try for a child when Wanda turned 31. “So we went for it, and when I was told it was twins, man, I was thrilled. So was Wanda,” Rogers exclaimed. In 2004, at 66, the couple welcomed Justin and Jordan.

Cherishing Fatherhood Despite Concerns Despite concerns about his age affecting his ability to be there for his sons, Kenny prioritized quality time. Fearing he wouldn’t witness their milestones, he consciously toured for the last time at 77. Justin and Jordan turned 19 in July 2023, celebrating their graduation, a moment their late father couldn’t witness.

Carrying on Tradition: Remembering Kenny Though Kenny passed away in 2020, Justin and Jordan fondly remember their father. They established traditions like weekly boys-only trips, including visits to Chuck E. Cheese, honoring their fun-filled memories with their beloved dad. “I miss everything about him. He was a really fun dad,” shared Justin.