King Charles III Opens up About Side Effects of His Cαncᴇr Treatment Months after Diagnosis

On May 13, 2024, King Charles III disclosed that he had lost one of his senses due to cancer treatment. During a visit to the Army Flying Museum in Hampshire, he empathized with British Army veteran Aaron Mapplebeck, who lost his sense of taste from chemotherapy, stating, “I experienced the same side effect.”

This marked the first time King Charles acknowledged the side effects of his treatment since his cancer diagnosis. On February 5, 2024, Buckingham Palace announced his condition, noting a “separate issue of concern” was discovered during a routine procedure for benign prostate enlargement. This led to further tests and a cancer diagnosis. Details of the cancer type and treatment remain undisclosed.

King Charles paused public engagements for three months but continued state business and paperwork. Princess Eugenie recently provided a brief update, stating the King was “doing well.”

On April 26, King Charles resumed public duties with a visit to a cancer treatment center, marking his first official engagement since the diagnosis. The palace emphasized his health progress, with a statement reading, “His Majesty is greatly encouraged to be resuming some public-facing duties and very grateful to his medical team for their continued care and expertise.”