Lisa Hartman Black celebrated 67th birthday and 31 years of marriage – her daughter is her look alike

Lisa Hartman Black, the celebrated actress and singer known for her angelic voice, recently turned 67, marking 31 years of enduring marriage to country star Clint Black. The couple, whose love story began backstage at a concert in 1990, continues to captivate fans with their unwavering bond.

Lisa, famous for her role in “Knots Landing” and the hit song “If Love Must Go,” took a step back from Hollywood to enjoy a quieter life with Clint and their daughter, Lily Pearl Black. The family recently embarked on a musical venture titled “Mostly Hits & The Mrs.,” turning their shared love for music into a family business.

The couple’s journey into music together started when Clint convinced Lisa, who had temporarily put her own music career on hold, to record a duet with him. Their collaboration produced hits like “When I Said I Do,” showcasing the depth of their connection.

The Black family’s musical legacy doesn’t end with the parents; Lily Pearl Black, having taken a gap year from Belmont University, eagerly joined her parents on the road. Her parents, who see her as not just their daughter but also their best friend, recognized her talent and decided to nurture it.

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, the Hartman-Black family’s story is one of enduring love, shared passions, and a musical legacy that spans generations. As they continue to enchant audiences with their performances, the family serves as a testament to the lasting power of love and the joy found in pursuing shared dreams.