Lisa Whelchel Was Married for 24 Years to Pastor & ‘Never Thought’ Divorce Would Happen to Her

1. Hollywood’s Darling

  • Lisa Whelchel, known for roles in “The Facts of Life” and “Survivor: Philippines,” faced a surprising twist in her personal life.
  • “My goal has always been to help people. But I never thought a divorce would happen to me,” expressed Whelchel, reflecting on her unexpected separation after 24 years of marriage.

2. Marriage to a Pastor

  • Whelchel married her first husband, Steven Cauble, an associate pastor, in 1988, stepping away from acting to start a family.
  • Influenced by her strong Christian beliefs, she declined acting opportunities conflicting with her values, like a controversial “Facts of Life” episode.
  • She admitted being initially hesitant about the marriage but chose to trust God over her feelings.

3. Cracks in the Union and Painful Divorce

  • After nearly two decades, the couple faced challenges in 2007, attempting counseling before ultimately divorcing after 24 years.
  • Whelchel stayed discreet about the reasons behind their separation, dismissing rumors.
  • The actress expressed deep sadness as the marriage she believed would last forever ended abruptly.

4. Life After Divorce

  • Post-divorce, Whelchel prioritized health, embracing exercise and participating in “Survivor: Philippines” to divert her attention.
  • Despite the emotional toll, she gained understanding and empathy, emphasizing the importance of love and forgiveness.
  • Whelchel and Cauble, despite the divorce, maintained a close relationship, continuing to work together in ministry.

5. New Beginnings at 56

  • In 2019, Whelchel remarried at 56 to Pete Harris, showcasing their love on social media.
  • The couple, celebrating their second anniversary, expresses deep affection for each other, leaving fans hopeful for a lasting union.

Lisa Whelchel’s journey highlights the unexpected turns life can take, showcasing resilience, faith, and the possibility of finding love anew.