Little Girl Dies After Having Her Tooth Pulled At The Dentist

In Colombia, a routine dental procedure turned tragic when eight-year-old Salomé Bohórquez lost her life after a tooth extraction. Salomé’s mother, Azucena Triana, recounted the events leading to the heartbreaking incident.

Salomé had dental pain, leading her to dentist Dr. José Herrera’s office on August 4. After x-rays revealed a chipped molar, an emergency procedure was scheduled for the same day.

During and after the extraction, Salomé began bleeding profusely. Dr. Herrera offered to take them to a hospital, but Salomé’s condition rapidly deteriorated. She choked on her blood, leading to her untimely demise. Salomé had previously been diagnosed with anemia but had shown signs of recovery.

The family refrains from placing sole blame on Dr. Herrera, awaiting autopsy results for a clearer understanding of the circumstances. Salomé’s memory lives on as a vibrant and joyful child, known for her love of singing and creating TikTok content.

Her family’s measured response underscores the importance of transparency and thorough investigations in such unfortunate events, raising questions about dental procedures and patient safety, especially for children.