Man Gets Kicked Out Of Restaurant Because His T-Shirt ‘Offended’ Customers

Andy Ternay visited a Richardson, Texas café with his partner, wearing a provocative t-shirt that criticized Donald Trump and the alt-right. The shirt caused discomfort among some customers, leading the manager to request Ternay’s departure. He shared the incident on Facebook, mentioning his willingness to discuss the shirt with his daughter.

Ternay’s t-shirt displayed explicit anti-Trump and anti-racist messages. Despite receiving compliments from people of color, he was confronted by staff and later asked to leave by a cook. A black server even quit over the ordeal.

Ternay aimed to show support for marginalized groups. However, the restaurant’s corporate office explained that the decision to ask him to leave was due to the explicit language and its inappropriateness for a family setting, asserting no relation to politics or race.

Ternay’s post went viral, evoking strong reactions, particularly from the African American community. He hopes his actions offer solace to marginalized individuals.