Man notices his child’s skin is too dark, gets a DNA test behind his wife’s back

A 29-year-old man married his black wife after she became pregnant, and they had two children. However, he became concerned about their son’s darker skin compared to his wife’s and the daughter’s lighter complexion. He secretly conducted a paternity test, which confirmed his son was indeed his biological child. He felt relief but struggled with guilt over taking the test without his wife’s knowledge.

He eventually confessed to his wife, who reacted angrily, accusing him of racism. He defended himself, explaining he preferred their daughter because of their resemblance, not her skin color. Redditors mostly condemned his actions, agreeing that his wife had the right to be upset.

In summary, a man’s doubts about his son’s paternity led him to secretly conduct a DNA test, causing tension in his marriage when he confessed. This story highlights the importance of communication and trust in relationships.