Man Spend 14 Years To Build The Largest Tree House In The World, But Wait Till You See Inside

“The Minister’s Tree House” in Crossville, Tennessee, stands as a unique symbol of creativity and faith, built by Horace Burgess starting in 1993. Stretching ten stories high and covering over 3,000 square meters, this colossal treehouse is a testament to Burgess’s strong belief in a divine mission.

Constructed over 14 years with around 250,000 nails, costing approximately $12,000, the treehouse’s design defied norms. It served both as a place for prayer and as a spot for basketball games. However, its closure in 2012 due to fire safety concerns marked a sad turn of events.

In a tragic twist, the structure met its end when it was engulfed in flames and reduced to ashes. Despite its allure and unique architecture, safety concerns and subsequent destruction tell the story of this extraordinary treehouse.