Man Wants Fiancée’s Hymen Checked By His Dad in Front of Family So They Know She’s Still ‘Pure’

A woman’s engagement took a disturbing turn when her fiancé’s family demanded an outrageous pre-wedding ritual to check her virginity. Two days before their intimate wedding, her fiancé revealed that his father, in front of family members, traditionally examines the bride’s hymen to ensure her purity. The woman was appalled by the request but hesitated to cancel the wedding, hoping to maintain their love.

She sought refuge with a friend to contemplate her decision. The next morning, she firmly declined the invasive ceremony, prompting her fiancé to accuse her of lying about her virginity. Despite her calm explanations, he became hostile. When she asked him to stand by her, he reacted poorly and ultimately supported his family instead of her.

Heartbroken, she realized he wasn’t the person she thought he was and called off the wedding. Despite the initial shock, the woman took time to heal and move forward. This incident left many wondering how they would handle a similar situation.

In summary, a woman faced a distressing request from her fiancé’s family to undergo a virginity check, leading her to end their relationship and seek healing with the support of friends.