MARIE OSMOND accused of looking like Kim Kardashian after plastic surgery rumors

Marie Osmond, a longtime superstar in the entertainment industry, faced accusations of resembling Kim Kardashian after rumors of plastic surgery. Marie’s career began at a young age when she joined the Osmond Brothers group at just four years old. She launched her solo career at 12, initially feeling nervous about her first recording session.

Marie’s success soared with the release of her single “Paper Roses” at 14, which reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart. In 1975, she co-hosted the TV show “Donny & Marie” with her brother Donny, featuring prominent guests.

Marie, a mother of eight, experienced the tragic loss of her son, Michael, to suicide in 2010. Despite the heartbreak, she returned to the stage shortly after.

In recent years, Marie released her album “Unexpected” in 2021 and ventured into skincare with the product line MD Complete, attributing her youthful appearance to its use. While she admitted to breast reduction surgery, rumors circulated about potential facial procedures, with some fans comparing her to Kim Kardashian.