McDonald’s Is Going To Serve “Adult” Happy Meals

McDonald’s is reintroducing Adult Happy Meals and McNugget Buddies to tap into the nostalgia of its adult customers. The Big Mac Adult Meal and 10-piece McNugget Meal will be available, including a side of fries and a drink. Partnering with Kerwin Frost, they’ve created a Kerwin Frost Box with a new lineup of McNugget Buddies inspired by the 1990s.

The McNugget Buddies lineup includes six characters: Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRRRICK, Don Bernice, Darla, and Kerwin Frost. Each toy promotes self-expression and inclusivity, inspired by Frost’s own childhood. These toys are a nod to the 1980s McNugget Buddies and come with mix-and-match outfits and unique personalities.

Social media reactions are mixed, with some expressing excitement for the nostalgic return, while others criticize the food quality and certain causes the chain supports. Despite this, McDonald’s ability to connect with fans across generations is evident.

Additionally, McDonald’s will release merchandise from the Kerwin Frost collection, with a portion of proceeds donated to the Harlem Arts Alliance. This move combines fun collectibles with a meaningful collaboration with the arts community.

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