McDonald’s Worker Refuses To Serve Cop, Doesn’t Expect This Response From The Boss

A McDonald’s employee in Virginia sparked outrage when he declined to serve a uniformed police officer. Scott Naff, a police veteran, ordered food after a thirteen-hour shift. The incident was detailed in a Facebook post by his wife, Cathy Naff.

At the drive-through, the worker gestured negatively towards Scott, refused to serve him, and openly announced his refusal to the staff, including the manager. Despite paying for his meal, the employee hesitated to hand it over. Another worker eventually gave Scott his food. A customer witnessing the event also expressed disbelief.

Cathy Naff condemned the employee’s behavior and highlighted the challenges police officers face daily. In response, McDonald’s swiftly launched an investigation and asserted its commitment to serving all customers, including law enforcement officers. The company confirmed that appropriate action would be taken.

Following the investigation, the employee was terminated. The incident underscores the importance of respectful service and the broader interactions between law enforcement and the public.