Meghan Markle, unknown details of her life. Ten years ago, she married her first life partner in Jamaica.

Meghan Markle’s journey from actress to Duchess of Sussex is a captivating story, marked by significant changes in her personal and professional life. A decade ago, she married her first husband, film producer Trevor Engelson, in Jamaica, after seven years of dating. Their marriage, however, lasted only two years.

Meghan’s life took a dramatic turn when she met Prince Harry in 2016. Their relationship progressed quickly, leading to a meeting with the Queen and an engagement announced within 12 months. They married in May 2018 and later chose to step back from royal duties, moving to the U.S. with their children, Archie and Lilibet.

Meghan’s first marriage ended as her career took her to Canada for the TV show “Suits,” creating distance between her and Trevor. Her rising celebrity status reportedly strained their relationship further.

Despite the controversies surrounding their departure from royal life, Meghan and Harry have forged their path, balancing family life with their new ventures. This shift has sparked much public and media discussion, including debates over their royal privileges and duties.