MELANIA Trump’s new plan for her and Barron Trump…

Melania Trump is preparing for her future and that of her son Barron amidst legal challenges faced by her husband, former President Donald Trump. Trump faces numerous lawsuits, including a civil fraud trial in New York that could endanger his real estate empire.

He is accused of inflating property values by over $2 billion for loans, allegations he denies, calling the case a “sham.” Melania, who has remained silent about these issues, is reportedly taking steps to secure their future, possibly wary of the outcomes.

Stephanie Wolkoff, author of “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” suggests Melania is aware of Trump’s affairs but chooses silence as her dignity. Their friendship ended bitterly over a dispute involving the Trump inauguration’s finances. Wolkoff feels betrayed by Melania, claiming she was “thrown under the bus.” This situation highlights the complexities and potential strains within the Trump family amid ongoing legal troubles.