MERI BROWN Posts Heartbreaking Tribute to Older Brother, Who Passed Away 5 Weeks After Stopping Cancer Treatment

Reality TV star Meri Brown shared a heartbreaking update on her Instagram in October 2023, paying tribute to her beloved older brother, Adam Barber, who passed away just two months before his 55th birthday on October 5th. Adam’s death came five weeks after he stopped chemotherapy due to his worsening condition. This loss hit Meri hard, as she reflected on the special bond she shared with her older siblings, Teresa and Mark, making her the sole survivor of the “original four.”

Meri fondly remembered their Californian childhood before their family moved to Utah, which solidified their unbreakable connection. Despite the pain of Adam’s loss, Meri pledged to honor her siblings’ memories, cherishing both the good and challenging times they shared. She even recalled lighthearted moments, like debating the word “irregardless” with Adam.

In a heartfelt eulogy, Meri expressed her determination to continue growing as a person through the experiences she had with Adam, ending with a loving tribute, a testament to their enduring sibling bond, despite occasional disagreements.