Michael J. Fox opens up about Parkinson’s and declining health: “It’s getting tougher”

Beloved actor Michael J. Fox, known for his iconic roles and Parkinson’s advocacy, has openly discussed the challenges posed by his condition. In a recent interview, he acknowledged the increasing difficulty of living with Parkinson’s, admitting he doesn’t foresee reaching 80.

While maintaining optimism, Fox expressed that Parkinson’s is taking a toll on his well-being. He shared details about spinal surgery due to a benign tumor affecting his mobility, causing falls and injuries. Falls are particularly dangerous for Parkinson’s patients.

Fox established the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2000, raising over $1 billion for research. The foundation recently made a groundbreaking discovery of a biomarker test for early Parkinson’s detection.

Diagnosed in 1991, Fox initially kept the diagnosis private and continued acting. He retired from some roles due to health declines. Despite challenges, he remains an inspiration through his advocacy and contributions to medical research.