Middle schooler has her back-to-school picture photobombed by an unexpected guest

Brooke Mills, a seventh-grader in Auburn, Alabama, experienced an unexpected twist during her back-to-school photo session. Her mother, ShaneJoy Mills, captured the moment, intending to mark the beginning of the school year.

The ritual of taking back-to-school photos is a special tradition for many parents, signifying the start of a new academic term. Despite being annoying and embarrassing for children at the time, these photos become cherished memories for both parents and kids.

In this instance, ShaneJoy Mills didn’t initially notice anything unusual in the photo. However, upon closer inspection, she discovered an unexpected guest – a snake perfectly blending with the tree’s bark. In a moment of surprise, she calmly instructed Brooke to move away from the tree.

Describing the encounter, ShaneJoy Mills stated, “Lord, it was scary! I got two pictures and said ‘show your teeth please, baby!’ Then I saw the snake.”

Commenters on the Facebook post identified the snake as a rat snake. Despite the shock, the only thing this snake wanted to “strike” was a pose in Brooke’s unexpected back-to-school picture.

The post, shared widely, highlights the unpredictability of capturing memorable moments, with social media users expressing their reactions and sharing similar stories.