“Mighty Ducks” child star Shaun Weiss was arrested after drug addiction – look at him today now he’s 3 years clean

Former child star Shaun Weiss, known for his roles in “Mighty Ducks” and “Heavyweights,” faced a public downfall due to drug addiction, resulting in a 2020 arrest for burglary in California. His mugshot circulated on social media, revealing his stark transformation from a beloved child actor to an emaciated offender.

However, Weiss has since undergone a positive turnaround. He received treatment at Quest 2 Recovery and proudly shares his journey of being three years clean from addiction. He now works at Quest 2 Recovery as a coach and considers his recovery his proudest achievement.

Reflecting on his experience, Weiss said, “Being able to look at the trauma I went through the lens of trying to be creative, and to do comedy has just been a game changer.” He also expressed empathy for those affected by a loved one’s addiction, emphasizing the importance of support in overcoming such challenges.

Witnessing Shaun Weiss’s remarkable transformation is truly inspiring, reminding us that recovery and redemption are possible even after the darkest times.