Military Woman Hires Perfect Nanny but Feels ‘Sick’ after Checking Cameras

A military mom hired a nanny to help with her newborn but was horrified to discover disturbing footage on her home’s nanny cam. The initial nanny faced issues with scheduling and payment, leading to her departure. Their neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter then volunteered as a replacement.

The new nanny appeared caring, and the mom trusted her implicitly. One day, the mom confided in the nanny about her difficulty with lactation and her reliance on donor milk. The nanny sympathized and pressed for more details, prompting the mom to share more.

During a rough day, the mom decided to check the nanny cam and was shocked to find the nanny attempting to breastfeed her son. Confronting the nanny, the mom discovered more unsettling behavior, such as the nanny unplugging the camera in the bedroom during naps.

Further investigation revealed the nanny’s neglectful behavior, including leaving her daughter alone and her toddler unattended in the backyard. The mom also found missing items in her room and suspected theft.

The situation left the mom deeply stressed, and she sought advice on Reddit about how to handle the nanny’s inappropriate behavior.