Miranda Lambert and her husband, Brendan, are about to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary! And they are already “trying” for a new addition to their family – a baby

Country music sensation Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan are approaching their 4th wedding anniversary and are excitedly trying for a baby. In the past, Lambert faced body image insecurities while married to Blake Shelton, but her current husband, a former NYPD officer, has brought joy and self-love into her life.

Lambert underwent a notable weight loss journey in 2013 ahead of her 30th birthday, using methods like portion control, circuit training, and cardio. Despite Shelton’s support, the marriage faced challenges, leading to a painful divorce in 2015. Shelton found happiness with Gwen Stefani, while Lambert took more time to find love.

In November 2018, Lambert met Brendan McLoughlin, and it was love at first sight. They secretly married on a farm in January 2019, choosing privacy after Lambert’s previous high-profile relationship. McLoughlin’s presence brought happiness, and Lambert learned to embrace her natural body.

In 2020, Lambert felt healthier and happier than ever, crediting her husband for the positive change. McLoughlin, a skilled chef, spoiled Lambert with homemade dinners, emphasizing their strong bond. McLoughlin expressed his love and admiration for Lambert on her 39th birthday, appreciating her kindness and declaring his eagerness to celebrate more birthdays together. The couple’s love story reflects Lambert’s journey to self-acceptance and finding true happiness in her marriage with McLoughlin.