Mom and daughter graduate from nursing school in same class

A mother and daughter recently made history by graduating together from East Carolina University’s nursing program. Jessica Van Wagenen, a retired Marine, had postponed her own dreams to provide stability for her family.

She explained, “I decided to forgo my college and focus on giving the children as much stability as possible.” Fortunately, both Jessica and her daughter, Keelin Van Wagenen, decided to pursue nursing simultaneously.

Keelin expressed her pride, saying, “I tell her every day that I’m proud of her.” Now, both women have begun their nursing careers, with Keelin working as a pediatric nurse at ECU Health, and Jessica as an operating room nurse at Carteret Healthcare.

Their unique journey has created lasting memories. Jessica shared, “It’s pretty exciting. It’s really nice to be able to share that with my daughter. We will always have that together.” Keelin added, “I just get to say I went with my mom.”

Their story is a heartwarming reminder to persevere in pursuing dreams. Share this uplifting tale to inspire others to follow their goals with unwavering determination.