Mom Complains After She Is Forced To Clean Up Her Child’s Vomit In The Store

A mother in Australia expressed frustration after her toddler vomited in a Woolworth store and she was asked to clean it up herself.
The incident occurred as the mom was almost done with her shopping at the self-checkout area. Her young child suddenly became sick and threw up on the store floor.

The anonymous woman said that her two-year-old got sick and vomited all over himself and the store floor — which she was made to clean up.

Despite apologizing and attempting to comfort her child, the supermarket employees insisted that she clean up the mess.

The mother, juggling her sick child and another, had to clean the vomit while handling her shopping.
She turned to a social media group to share her experience, contemplating whether she should complain to the store about the incident.

She complained that she was forced to clean the mess while trying to care for her two young children as an employee watched over her shoulder.

Many readers-supported her, suggesting that the store staff could have been more helpful by assisting with the cleaning or watching her children while she addressed the mess.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by parents in public spaces and raises discussions about customer service in such situations.