Mom Furious upon Seeing Her Sons Cry after Opening Presents They Received from Their Aunt

Miranda’s sister, Kim, is known for pranks that often go too far. At Miranda’s twins’ sixth birthday, Kim arrived uninvited with gifts. Were they real or just another prank?

Storm clouds gathered as we celebrated our twins’ pirate-themed birthday. My husband, Antonio, and I had planned everything meticulously. Just as we were about to cut the cake, Kim showed up. Our relationship had always been strained because of her pranks, like the time she stashed slime at my wedding.

Kim handed the boys beautifully wrapped gifts. They eagerly opened them, only to find empty boxes. “There’s nothing inside, Aunty Kim. Did you forget to put our gifts inside?” Colin asked, disappointed. “Kim, what is this?” I demanded. She laughed, “Oh, come on! It’s just a harmless joke, Miranda. Lighten up a bit.” My boys were devastated, declaring it their worst birthday.

Angry, I ushered Kim out. As she was about to get into her car, a passing vehicle soaked her with rainwater. I smirked at the irony. Returning to the party, I told my boys, “Forget about Aunt Kim’s silly joke. Let’s party!”

Later, as I put the boys to bed, my phone chimed with a message from Kim: “Sorry.” I smiled, hoping this might be the start of Kim’s change. But for now, I’ll keep my kids away from her.