Mom Goes Viral with Video Showing Breakfast for Her 1-Year-Old Daughter: ‘This Cannot Be Real’

A TikTok video of Alexandra Sabol serving doughnuts to her one-year-old sparked controversy, with critics calling her a “lazy parent” and a “bare minimum” mom. TikToker Bailey McPher defended Sabol, pointing out double standards and emphasizing that mothers shouldn’t be judged based on a short video. McPher highlighted how influencers with large followings often go unnoticed when buying unhealthy groceries.

She admitted to sometimes giving her own child treats, acknowledging that moms have off days. McPher urged people to consider the context and not judge Sabol solely on the video. She expressed disappointment in mean comments and unfollowed judgmental moms. McPher reminded everyone that parenting moments aren’t always perfect and advised against labeling someone a bad parent based on a brief glimpse into their life.