Mom leaves “baby” in car while she shops at Target – promises others that he’s OK

In a digital age where anything can go viral, a seemingly concerning note left in a car outside Target grabbed attention online. The handwritten sign reassured passersby that the baby inside had snacks and a drink while the mom shopped. However, the twist revealed the “baby” was actually the mom’s husband, sparking laughter instead of concern.

Influencer Bonnie Engle’s Instagram reel, featuring the note, amassed millions of views and over 1,000 comments. Engle clarified that her husband was safe and well, munching on popcorn inside the car.

Fans found humor in the situation, expressing relief and amusement in the comments. Engle’s content typically resonates with moms dealing with the everyday challenges of parenthood.

While the video had a comedic aspect, it serves as a reminder not to leave children or pets unattended in warm cars.


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