Mom on a mission to show daughter with extremely rare birthmark that she is beautiful

Mother Nicole Lucas Hallson is on a mission to show the world that her daughter Winry, born with a rare birthmark called congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), is beautiful just as she is. This birthmark covers a quarter of Winry’s face, making her appearance distinct from other children.

Upon Winry’s birth in February 2021, Nicole, initially mistook the mark for a bruise. She recalls, “It was then quickly apparent to my husband and I that it was not a bruise… I thought it looked a lot like a mole.” Despite her initial concerns, Nicole was reassured by medical staff that Winry was healthy.

Nicole now aims to highlight her daughter’s uniqueness, encouraging acceptance and pride in differences. “For a lot of people, this is the first time seeing a birthmark like hers… This is a good conversation for parents with their children to see kids have differences,” Hall expressed.

While there are health precautions due to the risk of melanoma, Nicole’s primary concern is potential bullying as Winry grows. However, for now, Winry is a joyful and spirited child. “She just radiates joy… She is just the happiest baby I have ever seen,” says Hall.