Mom Poses For Pregnancy Pics – Then Photographer Tells Her To Turn Around

Jazzy and Rich, expecting their second child, decided to capture the joy of pregnancy in photos. They worried about rain but lucked out with sunny weather and a picturesque waterfall backdrop.

As they posed for family shots, Rich surprised Jazzy by dropping to one knee, revealing a small velvet box. The photographer captured her emotional reaction. Jazzy said, “Wow, it really caught me off guard!” Their planned photo session turned into a heartwarming proposal, marking a special moment in their lives.

Starting a family is significant, and for Jazzy and Rich, it meant more than just pregnancy photos. With their daughter Reign by their side, they celebrated not only the anticipation of a new child but also the beginning of a lifelong commitment. It’s a touching story that reminds us of the unexpected joys life can bring.