Morgan Freeman’s sudden illness that caused him to miss press tour with Nicole Kidman – all we know

Morgan Freeman’s recent illness led to his absence from the press tour for his upcoming TV series, “Special Ops: Lioness,” where he stars alongside Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman. He missed a photocall, screening, and an appearance on “The One Show.” The illness was described as contagious, forcing him to stay in the United States to avoid spreading it during travel. Although the exact illness remains undisclosed, a spokesperson confirmed his recovery.

Morgan Freeman has previously battled fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and other issues. This condition resulted from a car accident in 2008, which also led to nerve damage in his left arm. He continues to wear a compression glove to aid blood circulation.

In “Special Ops: Lioness,” Freeman plays Edwin Mullins, the US Secretary of State. The series follows a female Marine tasked with befriending the daughter of a suspected terrorist. Zoe Saldana portrays Joe, the CIA’s station chief, and Nicole Kidman plays Kaitlyn Meade, a CIA operative engaging with high-ranking officials.