Mother-in-law cannot stand son’s choice of bride – attacks her on big day in several dirty ways

In what was meant to be a joyous occasion, a wedding turned into a nightmare due to the groom’s family’s disapproval of his choice of bride. The bride, Alexandra, faced orchestrated attacks during the ceremony, all masterminded by her mother-in-law.

The groom’s affluent family objected to Alexandra’s modest background, preferring he marry someone of similar wealth. Despite offers of money to end the relationship, Alexandra persisted. When the wedding day arrived, the groom’s family boycotted the event but orchestrated malicious acts from afar.

During the ceremony, three hired thugs splattered red paint on Alexandra’s wedding dress, shocking guests. The mother-in-law’s vendetta continued as she falsely accused the bridal party of drug possession, leading to a police search. Additionally, they stole the groom’s travel documents, attempting to sabotage the honeymoon plans.

Reports suggest the father silently condones these actions, even ousting his son from the family business. This ordeal highlights the anguish caused by familial discord and the importance of starting a marriage with support, not hostility. We extend our best wishes to the couple for a brighter future.