Mother-In-Law Wants Paid For Babysitting Grandchild

When young parents need support, grandparents often step in to help with childcare. However, not all families view this assistance in the same way, leading to disputes. This family found themselves in a similar situation when the mother-in-law requested payment for babysitting her grandchild.

The couple, married for a decade with a six-month-old baby, both work full-time, with the husband working from home. The mother-in-law, recently retired, offered to care for their child while they worked, including cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. However, a surprising conversation unfolded when she asked to be paid for her time.

The daughter-in-law was shocked by this request, recalling her own grandmother’s selfless babysitting. This revelation led to tension in her marriage. Her husband believed they should compensate his mother, arguing that hiring a stranger would be costlier.

In this emotional dilemma, the daughter-in-law is at a loss, grappling with her feelings about her mother-in-law’s request and the impact on their family dynamic.