Mother of Two Wants to Foster Teenager but ‘Horrified’ Sister Warns Social Worker

**Foster Care Plan Halted by Sister’s Intervention**

A woman’s decision to foster a teenager with the intention of using them as a “live-in” babysitter sparked controversy and led to family strife. The woman, known as Jane, planned to offer the teenager a place to sleep—in her children’s room or the garage—in exchange for childcare and household chores. She envisioned cycling through foster children, replacing them as they reached adulthood, to avoid the costs of a paid babysitter.

Her sister, appalled by Jane’s motives, attempted to dissuade her but to no avail. Jane proceeded to apply to foster organizations, unknowingly setting the stage for her plan’s unraveling. A social worker, conducting a routine check, was informed by the sister of Jane’s true intentions and the poor treatment she herself had received while living with Jane.

As a result, Jane’s application was rejected, a decision she initially did not understand until her sister revealed her conversation with the social worker. Jane’s reaction was one of anger and betrayal, leading her to sever ties with her sister and malign her to other family members.

The incident, shared on Reddit, drew widespread condemnation of Jane’s plan, with many praising the sister’s actions to protect a potential foster child from exploitation. The consensus was clear: children in the foster system deserve care and respect, not to be treated as free labor.