My Boyfriend’s Mom Kept Calling Me the Wrong Name, So I Caused a Thanksgiving Full of ‘Yelling’ & ‘Crying’

In a Reddit post, a 30-year-old woman sought advice after a tumultuous Thanksgiving with her boyfriend’s family. Her boyfriend had previously dated his high school sweetheart, which deeply affected his mother. She continually called the woman by the ex-girlfriend’s name, despite her boyfriend’s request to be kind.

During a pre-Thanksgiving gathering, the woman’s boyfriend’s mother sarcastically suggested she cook the turkey, once again using the wrong name. The woman, wanting to make a point, arrived at Thanksgiving without the promised turkey, assuming someone else was bringing it. This led to a heated confrontation, resulting in them being kicked out of the house. Her boyfriend hasn’t spoken to her since.

Reddit users were divided in their opinions. Some praised her for taking a stand, while others suggested she should have confronted the mother earlier. Ultimately, she sought validation for her actions, with many supporting her bold move against the persistent name-calling.