My Boyfriend’s Son Scares Our 3 Month-Old-Daughter on Purpose, Forcing Me to Take Action

In a suburban home, a mother shared on the “AITAH” subreddit about her boyfriend’s 12-year-old son deliberately scaring their three-month-old daughter. Despite warnings, the unsettling behavior continued, leading the mother to post due to concerns about postpartum depression (PPD).

After multiple attempts to address the issue, the breaking point came when the mother issued an ultimatum to her boyfriend and his son, threatening eviction if the scares persisted. Despite this warning, the son scared the baby again, prompting the mother to follow through with eviction.

The mother’s decision received widespread support online. Users agreed that the 12-year-old’s behavior was inappropriate, with some expressing concern about possible sadistic tendencies. The majority felt the mother took the right course of action.

Notable comments included one user saying the son was old enough to understand and follow instructions, while another suggested trying a similar scare tactic on the boyfriend to highlight the severity. Overall, the sentiment was in favor of the mother’s decision.

What are your thoughts on the mother’s actions, and how would you handle this situation?