My Brother’s Wife Keeps Sending Me Special Thanksgiving Menu to Cook for Her 5 Years in a Row – I Finally Confronted Her

A woman faced a dilemma when she canceled her long-standing Thanksgiving dinner due to her brother’s wife, Julie, and her incessant dietary demands. The 40-year-old woman, who had hosted the family dinner for two decades, decided to seek opinions on Reddit.

Julie, known for her fad diets, annually sent a list of foods she could and couldn’t eat. Last year, things turned sour when Julie’s ketogenic diet caused an argument at the dinner table. This year, Julie wanted a special fertility diet for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Fed up, the hostess offered only one meal or suggested Julie bring her own food.

Julie took offense and complained to her husband, who criticized the hostess. The family, struggling to keep up with Julie’s dietary changes, supported her decision to cancel the dinner. On Reddit, most users sympathized with the hostess, finding Julie’s demands unreasonable.

In summary, the woman canceled Thanksgiving dinner after enduring years of Julie’s dietary demands. Reddit users largely supported her decision, deeming Julie’s requests excessive and unnecessary.