My Daughter Chose Her Rich Dad over Me, Now Asks Me to Take Her Back as He Kicked Her Out

A mother turned to Reddit for advice after her daughter, Maria, chose to live with her wealthy father due to their differing financial lifestyles. Years later, Maria asked to move back in with her mother after being kicked out by her father. The mother explained the situation:

Maria’s father had indulged her with a lavish lifestyle, while the mother faced financial struggles. Their strained relationship worsened when the mother couldn’t afford expensive items, and Maria dropped out of high school at 17.

At 21, Maria approached her mother, seeking to return home. The mother agreed but with conditions, including Maria obtaining her GED, working, planning her career, and sharing household chores. Rent was not required.

Maria reacted negatively to these conditions, calling her mother names and leaving. Reddit users had mixed opinions, with some finding the conditions reasonable for Maria’s future and others suggesting she wasn’t interested in a real relationship.

Ultimately, the mother’s decision to set conditions depended on their unique circumstances.