My Fiancé Told Me to Pay For His and His Friends’ Meal – I Snuck from the Restaurant to Teach Him a Lesson

A woman found herself in a troubling situation when her fiancé insisted she pay for his and his friends’ meals due to her recent salary raise. Growing tired of his behavior, she decided to teach him a lesson by sneaking out of the restaurant, leaving him with the bill he couldn’t afford.

In their relationship, the couple kept their finances separate, with no joint account. However, after the woman’s salary increase, her fiancé constantly requested her to pay for meals, using her raise as a justification.

Despite feeling uncomfortable with this arrangement, the woman often complied to avoid confrontation. During one dinner with his friends, her fiancé again pressured her to pay for everyone. Fed up, she refused, leading to a public confrontation.

When the bills arrived, the woman paid for her own order and left the restaurant unnoticed. Her fiancé, unable to cover the bill, called her names and accused her of being childish.

People on Reddit supported the woman, condemning her fiancé’s manipulative behavior. They urged her to reconsider her relationship with him, emphasizing that she deserved better.