My Husband Asked Me on Thanksgiving Why I Don’t Dance for Him after Work

A woman was shocked when her husband asked her why she didn’t dance for him during Thanksgiving dinner with family. She shared her story on Reddit, seeking advice.

The Thanksgiving dinner took place at the in-laws’ house, with other family members present. The husband’s brother-in-law bragged about his girlfriend dancing for him regularly. This sparked a conversation among the men, but the wife didn’t anticipate her husband’s sudden comment, “Why can’t you dance for me like (BIL’s gf) does?”

Surprised, the wife responded honestly, listing her busy routine as a nurse and mother of three. Her husband was stunned, and an awkward silence followed. He later excused himself, and they argued privately, leaving the celebration early.

Reddit users supported the wife, feeling her husband had embarrassed her. Some believed he was deflecting blame for not helping at home. Despite praise from her stepmother-in-law, the wife questioned her actions.

In this awkward Thanksgiving moment, the husband’s question exposed deeper relationship issues, highlighting the need for communication and understanding.