My Husband Gave Me Just $100 for Christmas Food, Gifts & Decorations, So I Made Him Livid by Refusing to Do Anything


A stay-at-home mom, facing financial constraints, sought advice on Reddit after her husband, the family’s breadwinner, allocated a meager $100 for Christmas expenses. The husband, having prioritized a football trip overseas, left her to manage everything from decorations to gifts.

The Christmas Budget Dispute:

The couple’s Christmas plans unraveled when the husband, absent until December 20, informed his wife about the $100 budget for festivities. Unhappy with the amount, the wife confronted him about prioritizing personal interests over family needs. Despite the ensuing arguments, no resolution was reached.

Unexpected Discovery:

Days later, the woman found an envelope with $100 and a note from her husband, urging her “to make it work.” Ignoring his messages, she maintained her decision not to organize Christmas with the limited budget.

Online Reaction:

The woman’s Reddit post garnered significant attention, with many supporting her (“NTA” or “not the a**hole”). Commenters criticized the husband’s financial control, prioritizing personal interests, and lack of respect for family needs. Suggestions ranged from standing up for herself to considering legal action for the sake of her and her children’s future. The consensus was that she deserved better treatment and shouldn’t tolerate such behavior.