My In-Laws Demand My Wife & I Start Giving Them Grandchildren – I Set Conditions for This

A Reddit user expressed frustration with his in-laws’ pressure to start a family with his wife, Diana. Despite the couple’s plan for Diana to finish her PhD and establish her career before having children, the in-laws insisted on grandchildren, assuming they could afford it. The user, a welder, and main provider for Diana, explained their desire for a few more years alone. During a tense Christmas encounter, the user snapped, suggesting the in-laws reimburse Diana’s education costs and cover the salary she would sacrifice for parenting.

He also proposed they pay the difference between her entry-level position and potential earnings and fund a nanny for her return to work. The in-laws, unable to afford these terms, grew offended. The user suggested they provide their daughter’s inheritance earlier if they want grandchildren sooner, which the in-laws rejected, claiming it’s not hers until they don’t need it.

Despite Diana’s support, the in-laws turned cold. Other family members sided with them, deeming the user’s request inappropriate. The user feels misunderstood, thinking the in-laws view pregnancy as a financial transaction. Reddit responses generally support the couple’s decision, emphasizing that the timing of having children is solely their business.