My Mother-in-Law Treats Me like Her Slave – My Husband Didn’t Believe It until I Secretly Recorded Her

A pregnant woman faced mistreatment from her mother-in-law, pushing her to take action. Her story highlights the complex dynamics of in-law relationships, especially when the husband sides with his mother.

The 21-year-old woman had a strained relationship with her mother-in-law, exacerbated by cultural differences. Despite her efforts to please her in-law, she often felt judged. Her mother-in-law would make unreasonable demands, like asking her to cook a dish from her homeland without assistance. Despite her best efforts, the meal was dismissed as “awful.”

After enduring disrespectful moments, the woman repeatedly asked her mother-in-law to be kind, to no avail. She couldn’t keep up with the demands while being pregnant. The breaking point came when she confronted her mother-in-law, asserting that she wouldn’t be ordered around anymore.

Her mother-in-law reacted angrily, insulting her. Her husband, however, sided with his mother, urging her to be more understanding. Frustrated, the woman secretly recorded her mother-in-law’s behavior and showed it to her husband. This led him to establish ground rules but didn’t expel his mother from the house.

Do you think the woman was wrong to stand up for herself? What would you have done in her place?