My Teen Daughter Chose Her Cheating Dad over Me & Cut All Contact, Asks Me for Money Years Later

A 45-year-old woman divorced her cheating husband but lost custody of her daughter, Kelly. Her family convinced her to stay in the marriage despite the infidelity. Kelly believed her mother was a bad person and cut contact with her. Years later, when Kelly needed money for college, she reconnected with her mom.

The woman had initially stayed in the marriage due to family pressure and her husband’s generosity towards them. When she finally decided to divorce, her in-laws and parents portrayed her negatively to Kelly.

Over the years, the woman tried to reach out to her daughter but faced resistance. Kelly only reconnected when her father faced financial troubles and depleted her college funds. The woman agreed to support Kelly’s graduate school but made her sign a contract relinquishing her status as the mother’s heir in her will.

The woman wanted to leave her assets to her goddaughter, Laura, whom she had a close bond with. Reddit users debated whether the woman was right to leave her assets to Laura or if she should have given everything to Kelly, who only sought contact when she needed money.