My Teen Daughter Destroyed Her Stepsister’s Birthday Dress — I Made Her Get Work To Pay Back $3000 For It

A woman sought Reddit’s advice after her 16-year-old daughter, Bethany, destroyed her stepsister Maria’s $3000 Quinceanera dress out of jealousy. Despite efforts to address Bethany’s concerns and provide her with a cheaper dress, she acted impulsively, vandalizing Maria’s gown. In response, the livid mother imposed a penalty: Bethany had to pay for the damaged dress by getting a job.

The mother shared her predicament on Reddit, where the community overwhelmingly supported her decision. One user affirmed, “Bethany did a very bad, wrong, mean thing, and I agree that she needs to make restitution for the dress.” Another pointed out the severity of Bethany’s actions, stating, “What she’s done is legally called malicious damage to property.”

Bethany, however, protested, feeling unfairly treated and accused her mother of favoring Maria. Despite the backlash, the determined mother believed it was crucial to teach Bethany accountability, emphasizing that she was no longer a child.

In summary, the woman faced a challenging situation after her daughter damaged her stepsister’s Quinceanera dress due to jealousy. Seeking opinions on Reddit, she found support for her decision to make Bethany get a job to pay for the dress, emphasizing the importance of teaching accountability.