My Wife Told Me That Our 3-Year-Old Son Was Buried – A Day Later I Found Out the Horrible Truth

Greg and Natalie, divorced parents living in different states, share custody of their three-year-old son, Oliver. Natalie shocks Greg with a phone call claiming Oliver’s death and a secret burial, preventing Greg from attending any ceremony. Distraught, Greg prepares to fly to Natalie’s city, only to learn from Natalie’s husband, Mike, that it was all a lie. Natalie made up Oliver’s death to manipulate Greg into leaving her life, fearing he’d take custody when he found out she was pregnant with another child.

Arriving at Natalie’s, Greg confronts her about the deceit, emphasizing he would never have taken Oliver away. Natalie tearfully reveals her fear of losing Oliver and explains her concern about Greg’s reaction to her pregnancy. While Greg reassures her that he doesn’t intend to separate Oliver from her, he insists on counseling to address the underlying issues from their divorce.

Mike’s honesty and support contribute to Greg’s decision not to take legal action, and Greg returns home, seeking employment closer to Oliver. Despite the rollercoaster of emotions, the family aims for reconciliation through counseling.

The story explores the consequences of a parent’s extreme lie and the complexities of co-parenting after divorce.