Nancy Pelosi Gets Caught On Camera Doing Something Her Biggest Fans Can’t Explain

Nancy Pelosi’s actions during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address raised eyebrows. Seated behind the President, her continuous movements led to speculation about her behavior. She appeared to rub her knuckles together while Biden discussed soldiers facing toxic air exposure, leaving viewers puzzled. Social media platforms were flooded with comments, some suggesting she might be “on drugs” or “drunk.”

Former President Donald Trump previously referred to her teeth in a tweet, which added to the ongoing discussion.

Twitter users expressed confusion and astonishment. One commented, “All the millions Nancy Pelosi’s earned as a ‘public servant,’ and she can’t afford Fixadent to keep her damn teeth in her mouth?” Another questioned, “I have no adjectives to describe Nancy Pelosi here. Is she okay?”

These reactions reflect the broader sentiment among viewers who were puzzled by Pelosi’s unusual behavior during the significant address.